Put FUN into your fundraising event at Battle House!



Let’s face it, bake sales and carwashes are lame and hardly produce good results. Have fun and make money for your team with Battle House and put fun back into your FUNdraiser event.

Pick a battle time, encourage everyone to book online, and we’ll donate 50% of the ticket sales back to your group!

Ready to get started? Call us at (262) 258-9003 to get more information about setting up your next fundraiser!


  • Hold an event Monday through Friday. Fundraisers can’t be held on Saturdays or Sundays.

  • Pick a game start time (or multiple times, if you will have a large number of players attending).

  • After picking a date and time for the event, we would like the key organizers to come out and get an overview in person at Battle House. At this meeting, we will also gear up their organizers / some members of your group to let you play a mission or two so that you can see how our laser tag works. This is also a great time to take some pictures to use in your marketing efforts to promote your event.

  • All sales are done on our website, just encourage people to book there.

  • When booking online, your group can add a Note: Fundraiser, and we will ask everyone during check-in if they are with the event.

  • We will donate 50% of the sales from tickets to your group for the game times the group picks as long as there are at least 15 players.

  • We highly encourage parents and kids to book ASAP as tickets are first come first serve.

Dates and times are subject to availability. Please call our office for further details and to arrange your event!



Is there a minimum number of players required?

Yes. We require at least 15 players to book to be eligible for the 50% donation.

When can I run a fundraising event?

Fundraising events can be held Monday through Friday.

How far in advance do I need to book the fundraiser?

We recommend that you book 30 days in advance to allow ample time to promote the event and get enough players to commit to the date.

Can the fundraiser occur on a day Battle House is not normally open?

Yes, with ample notice we can open up during our off hours.

Can any coupons or discounts be used towards the fundraiser?

No. All tickets must be purchased at full price to be counted towards the fundraiser.

Do drinks, merchandise, or upgrades get factored into the donation back?

No. Only ticket sales.