Elite Tactical Training

Enlist Your Corporate Group or Team of Friends in Our ‘Elite Tactical Training’ Session

Looking for an amazing team building experience?  Ready to get everyone in your corporate team working together seamlessly?  Want to learn basic infantry and close quarters combat techniques from the experts?  We can help you there!

With only 2 weeks advance notice, you can enlist your group in our Elite Tactical Training designed to improve your tactical laser combat gaming skills.  By bringing your group to Battle House you will experience first hand training on techniques, communication, team movements, room clearing, etc. from former U.S. Military Veterans and retired Law Enforcement Professionals. 

For Additional Information, download the PDF Brochure: Elite Tactics Training

To Schedule the “Elite Tactical Training” service we require 2-week advance notice and booking of a Private Event.

Our Pricing is determined based on group size and number of participants.

Give us a call at 815-900-9003 to schedule your Elite Tactical Training for your Private Event!