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“My son and husband both think Battle House is the best laser tag they’ve ever done–and they had a million times more fun there than the did at things like the touring Zombie Apocalypse events they’ve done elsewhere. Whenever we’re visiting in Illinois they’ll be sure to go!” ~ Natalie W.


“This place is amazing! Intricate map, fast paced action and fair and friendly play. Highly recommend it. Nate was great. Nathan was funny and the staff was just amazing. Very welcoming, friendly and accommodating.” ~ Dylan C.


“Absolutely the best laser tag experience I’ve ever had. Nate also runs a hell of a game. Will definitely be coming back.” ~ Micah P.


“Battle house laser tag = Awesome! The guns are heavy and don’t feel cheap. You will definitely get a great workout. The team that work there are cool, very informative. Wouldn’t mind going back again.” ~ Juan V.


“Such a fun experience! Professional staff, great arena, and clean facilities make this place a must do if you are a laser tag enthusiast!” ~ Mark D.


“So fun. One of my favorite destinations to go with my friends. Birthday parties are a blast or just a gathering with one or two friends. I always get the upgraded guns I feel like that is a fun addition to my day. I wish I could go every week.” ~ Connor M.


“This was our first time here. My 8 year old and myself. Got some coupons that I lost before I could use them at the McHenry County fair. The owner Doug gave us VIP treatment both on the phone when I made the booking being very patient in explaining noob questions and when we arrived he was equally as welcoming, greeting me with a handshake and explained the history of the business. (Why aren’t more small business owners willing to connect with their customers like this?) That definitely made an already awesome experience even better. Needless to say, we had a blast – we played the first hour and :45 (games are 105 minutes which is probably the perfect game play time) minute game and my son wanted to go again so we played a second game. One piece of advice – if you’re headed here for the first time: Use you scope – keep both eyes open but travel through your scope. If you go by guessing at aim you’re going to be FAR less effective. I used 3 weapons in total. The standard issue, the sniper rifle and the M4 assault rifle. Honestly, I think between the 3 I used, the M4 (fully automatic) and the standard issue (semi automatic) are both WAY better than the sniper rifle. Although the sniper rifle allows a one shot kill, you have to be pretty precise with aim (like exactly at the head; although mine may have not been calibrated well) and the other downfall of the sniper rifle is you must reload after *every shot*, which renders your weapon useless for +/- 5 seconds after each shot. This made me do a lot of hiding while I was a sitting duck using the sniper. With the Sniper rifle you also need to constantly have your finger on the red reload button, and between navigating the course sometimes in the dark through the scope and having an inoperable weapon for 5 seconds after a shot, having to locate the reload button next to the other non.functioning black button made this weapon one I’ll never use again. The M4 on the other hand, is **awesome** but heavy!!! If you have any intention of playing more than one game use the M4 on your first, because you’re going to be struggling to keep up with its weight on your second play. If you’re going to upgrade, go with the M4 if you can handle the weight, if not stick with the standard issue as it’s surprisingly effective. Both games we played had birthday parties with kids around the same age as my son (8) so it was perfect. A few parents played with us too. From what I understand, morning and early afternoons are best if you plan to bring the kids. We went on a Sunday at 1PM and everyone in both games were right around my sons age. I’m not sure if I’d do 2 games in a row again (it’s a hell of a workout and Doug said you burn about 1200 calories running through one game) but we will certainly be back. This is a fantastic way to encourage physical activity and get the kiddos heartbeats up! Heck, this was a fantastic workout for ME! It’s almost like P90 but in a modern warfare environment. They have a bar upstairs I think. Downstairs they have refreshments…water…Powerade, chips and the like and priced very reasonably. One last thing-let the staff dis arm you! Don’t take your weapon or headgear off yourself.

Update-we went a second time and it was just as much as the first. The Owner remembered my son and was just as welcoming as he was the first time. This place is a real class act.” ~ Collin T.


“So fun! Took my (now husband) there for his birthday with our friend group and did dinner nearby. The Battle House Laser team were informative and helpful. It was an easy process to purchase online and a fun experience! Would definitely do it again!” ~ Crystal R.


“So.Much.Fun. We had about a group of 20 and we’re mixed in with another large group. The different missions keep you on your toes. The staff was friendly and helpful. They have a bar with a decent selection of beers at good prices. You can sit up there before you play, have a few drinks and watch people play while you wait your turn.

It’s so worth the cost when you compare it to other laser tag places. You get so much more for your money. I plan to recommend this to my company for a team outing in the spring.

Highly recommend to groups large and small.” ~ Sara M.


“Had an awesome time with a party of 7 ranging in age from 16 to 36.  Unfortunately can’t remember the owners son’s name, but he was an awesome host!  Made us feel welcome, chatted with us. They had a great selection of beer there as well.

The experience was great as well:  Nate, Chase, and Brian were fantastic hosts/referees/coaches and extremely patient.

Fantastic spot for all, and thanks for the effort folks.  Great job!” ~ Ian E.