You’ve been asked to be the Best Man and it is now your job to provide the inspirational toast at the wedding, but more importantly, plan that once in a lifetime bachelor party. It is the last chance for your best friend to live it up with his buddies while not anywhere near mirroring the outlandish shenanigans that occurred in The Hangover.

In the hopes of keeping the plans somewhat tame while still getting the thumbs up from even Bradley Cooper, you could plan a fishing trip to Wisconsin, get skybox tickets to a White Sox game or have a live “Call of Duty” experience at Battle House in the suburbs of Chicago.  Yes, you heard it right. A total adult gaming experience that offers the landscape, missions and realistic-looking armory to give your buddies an epic event.

This coming June 2014, Battle House is opening its doors in Barrington, Illinois. Located in the northwest suburbs of Chicago, Battle House provides a 15,000-square feet mission-based combat laser tag arena with a complex urban setting. This indoor city has abandoned vehicles and other hi- and low- tech props with 8 buildings that are 2-3 stories in height.  The facility also includes a bar on the upper mezzanine to provide a great party experience and food can be ordered through one of their dining partners.

Make no mistake, the Battle House mission based laser tag is not the traditional “kiddy style” laser tag with small plastic gaming devices, cumbersome vests and running children. It is a thrilling form of entertainment that provides a variety of mission scenarios that require integrated team strategy, tactics, communications and a fair amount of luck to succeed. Your buddies might need to secure an area, rescue a downed airman, protect your general, prevent a bomb from detonating, save a hostage, yourself or a teammate. Also, the armory is stocked with over 70 state of the art laser tag guns of various models, tactical capabilities, size and weight. They have the look of Modern Warfare video gaming but handle and feel like the real thing. The Battle House armory brings laser tag to completely new and exciting level of fun and intensity.

Battle House also offers a Mobile Mission event where your buddies can enjoy the thrill of having the battle on your own property or another facility. The battle can be brought to you, complete with laser tag guns, high-tech props and trained staff.

Visit the Battle House website today at and learn more about this exciting bachelor party venue. Make this a night to remember and get your game on!